Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse 1.6.5 APK Files


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Get full version of Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse 1.6.5 APK APP for mobile phone obb to download free (usa), but especially to android (iphone, ipad, ipod) also with hacks & cheats tool if you want.

How long would you survive in a Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse v1.6.5 apk“Humanity has been destroyed and your duty as an ex-marine is clear: seek, shoot and destroy all zombies and save the few remaining survivors. The further you get in the game, the more challenging the environments get and the stronger the zombies become. Expose the hidden ones with the latest generation radars and upgrade your arsenal to kill the most dangerous zombies with just one shot!”Download On userscloudGet it on Google PlayWhat’s New In Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse version 1.6.5Destroy zombies with a critical hit! The better your weapon the more likely you’ll make a critical hit! Or use hollow bullets!-Introducing the BEAST SLICER! Dismember zombies with one hit with this incredible weapon!-Explore the NEW map, ARCTIC Z, with all new missions!!!-Try out 3 new, powerful weapons and 2 new superzombies!-New offers on Spanky bars and hollow bullets, and even better daily rewards!-The radar is better than ever, to help you find hidden zombies!______________________This first-person perspective game with spectacular visual environments and realistic features will give you the sensation of being in a world overtaken by zombies!Reload! Take aim! And shoot everyone preying on humans! Check out the best Sniper game for FREE now!—————— FEATURES ——————— Over 150 missions, with four different game modes to choose from: campaign, where are they, weapon test and superzombies- Spectacular environments, becoming more destroyed and infected the further you get in the game.- Use latest generation power ups like the radar to easily locate hard to find zombies and shoot them!- Changing weather conditions. If it’s difficult by day, you can’t even imagine hunting by night or in the rain.- Find them by listening with your surround sound stereo! It will make it even more exciting to play!- Intuitive and fully configurable controls to suit to each player’s preferences.- Spectacular ragdoll effects and action shots.- Choose powerful weapons, from machine guns to snipers that unleash hundreds of bullets or bazookas, which enable massive wide scale destruction. Shoot ’em up!

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