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Get full version of WAMOD v1.0.7.3 – Black&White Edition APK APP for mobile phone obb to download free (usa), but especially to android (iphone, ipad, ipod) also with hacks & cheats tool if you want.

WAMOD v1.0.7.3 – Black&White Edition (base v2.12.551) Requirements: Android 2.3 and up Overview: WhatsApp Mods is back but in a different way, different look and material design implementation. This is an update for WhatsAppMD v2.1r2 (WhatsApp v2.12.166) and WAMOD (WhatsApp v2.12.228) We tried our best to make this WhatsApp mod AntiBan, but We don’t guarantee 100%. You might get PERMANENT (very rare) or temporary BAN. Use it at your own RISK Features: • Base 2.12.551 • Supports calls • Bubble style (Stock, WAMOD, Materialized, WhatsAppLB, Hangouts, Rounded, Facebook Messenger) • Privacy mods (Freeze last seen, No 2nd tick, No blue tick, Hide typing, Always online) • Conversation theme and theme configurations • Hide toolbar and Profie photo icons • Change Action bar, navigation bar, and status bar colors • Change the background of the bubbles • Change the ticks ( Stock, iOS, Old WACA, New WACA, Joaquins WAMD, Circles) • Change the colors of the bubbles • DARK MODE: Your WhatsApp will be darker than ever • Floating Action Button • Design improvements Changelog: v1.0.7.3 • Fixes a beautiful FC when you open a conversation with an unloaded profile picture • Bottom Navigation Bar (Can be disabled/personalized in WAMOD Settings -> Home) • Splash screen • Bug fixes Black&White Features (This MOD is mine): – New navbar icons! – Default theme is now Black&White (Thanks to Shivam Srivastava) – New navigation drawer 75% black Transparency – New Image 80% Transparency in New navigation drawer – DarkUI is no longer Dark grey but Deep Black! (for SuperAmoled lovers!) – New CallUI icons! – New Chat Tab icons (staple and phone)! – New Hangouts icons! – New attachments popup icons! – Semitransparent black attachments Popup – In Chat tab, hours of new messages is no longer green but white. – “Circles” ticks (I use them) are now white (previously was red) – In the Chat tab, notifications bubble on the right side of contacts are themed with white bubble over black text. – All Black background for Emoji with white indicator! – More Blackish around – Added default wallpaper – Added Credits – See screenshots for details Hex Color: (first disable color picker) General: Status bar color –> 000000 Toolbar color –> 000000 Toolbar text color –> ffffff Toolbar foreground –> ffffff Navigation bar color –> 000000 Disable custom background!! Home: Home theme –> WAMOD Home: Home theme –> WAMOD Card color indicator –> ffffff Choose “Dark mode”!! Dark drawer –> Flagged Bottom Navigation bar: Enable –> Flagged Navigation bar colors –> 000000 Active item color –> ffffff Inactive item color –> aaaaaa Conversation: Toolbar style –> WAMOD Right bubble –> 99222222 (if you want transparency bubbles, see Table of transparencies below) Right bubble text color –> ffffff Right bubble date color –> bebebe Left bubble color –> 99dfdfdf (if you want transparency bubbles, see Table of transparencies below) Left bubble text color –> 000000 Left bubble date color –> 383838 Bubble style –> Materialized Tick style –> Circles Entry style –> Mood by Shivam Srivastava Mood entry personalize: Background color –> 00000000 Hint color –> ffffff Text color –> ffffff Microphone button color –> ffffff Send button background –> ffffff Emoji button color –> ffffff Hangouts entry personalize: Background color –> 00000000 Hint color –> ffffff Text color –> ffffff Attachament buttons color –> ffffff Microphone button color –> ffffff Microphone button color –> 000000 Send button background –> ffffff Send button color –> 000000 WAMOD entry personalize: Background color –> 00000000 Entry background color –> 00000000 Entry hint text color –> ffffff Entry text color –> ffffff Emoji button color –> ffffff Attach buttons color –> ffffff Send button color –> ffffff Table of transparencies: 100% — FF (no transparency) 95% — F2 90% — E6 85% — D9 80% — CC 75% — BF 70% — B3 65% — A6 60% — 99 55% — 8C 50% — 80 45% — 73 40% — 66 35% — 59 30% — 4D 25% — 40 20% — 33 15% — 26 10% — 1A 5% — 0D 0% — 00 (transparently) (For example….if you have this value “ffffff” and you want half transparency, put this value “80ffffff”) Google Play Download WAMOD v1.0.7.3 – Black&White Edition Apk or Apk

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