Raiding like a Sir!…2 Part 5 – Dragon Raid APK Files


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Dragon raidThis is my war raiding tactic of choice. Nothing but dragons…except for the rage spells too. Now you must remember dragons decided that breathing fire is a good idea and are quite obviously stupid! They will go off and attack an innocent builder’s hut while getting shot at from everywhere! You cannot trust their brains so you have to substitute brains with RAGE. Also see here how to prepare for an all Dragon Raid with the Raiding checklist.Some say not to group all dragons together and some say not to split them….I say try both and see which you prefer. I prefer using a big group as they go wherever they please anyway.I drop  group nearest the toughest air defense and rage them immediately, then it is a case of watching them and raging them when they start getting hit a lot, other than that the job is done.ProsVery effectiveConsCosts a small fortune!PS: See here how you can prepare your base against Dragon attacks

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